45 Dutch Bros Secret Menu Drinks Unveiled

An exceptional coffee in the morning can set the tone for the rest of your day. If you find that the monotony of your homemade latte is becoming too much for you, it might be time to add some spice to your morning coffee.

Dutch bros secret menu consists of unique and creative drinks which are not listed in their regular menu. They are mostly customized by the customers and even Dutch bros do not recognize any secret menu but they are happy to customize these drinks to your own choices.


How to order from Dutch Bros Secret Menu?

Uncertain about how to access the Dutch Bros secret menu’s plenty of caffeinated goodness? Ordering from the secret menu doesn’t require a passcode or special VIP entry, unlike breaking into a speakeasy or opening a safe. All you need to do is be aware of your desired flavors.

Dutch Bros Secret Menu Drinks

Dutch bros offers a variety of secret drinks from Funky Monkey to Ninja Turtle they have plenty of drinks on their menu according to your taste. Remember you can modify them with new and old flavors by your own needs. Here is the list of some of the secret menu items that you gonna love most:

1. Electric Berry Green Tea

Green tea with berries? Join us! Dutch Bros offers a better iced tea than your typical one: the Electric Berry Green Tea. It is, after all, a blend of Dutch Bro’s Rebel energy drink and raspberry syrups with lime and blueberries.

2. Red Velvet White Chocolate Mocha

The red velvet lovers—where are they all? You’ll love the Red Velvet White Chocolate Blended Mocha, which combines two of your favourite flavors—red velvet and coffee! Even though the recipe is rather straightforward—a mocha with white chocolate sauce, chocolate milk, and red velvet syrup—this drink is incredibly rich and delicious.

3. Birthday Cake Frost

The Birthday Cake Frost is a great idea whether or not it’s your birthday. This Frost drink, which tastes like cake and has almond roca, white chocolate, whipped cream and sprinkles, is the ultimate sugar rush.

4. Banana Bread Breve

The Banana Bread Breve is one of the most sought-after and frequently searched-for Dutch Bros secret menu items. Given that it contains flavorings of both hazelnut and banana, it is understandable why it makes people excited.

5. Funky Monkey

Known by another name, the Bay-Nay-Nay, this hidden menu item doesn’t require a specific order. Simply request a double chocolate mocha with a single scoop of syrup that tastes like bananas.


6. White Zombie

The White Zombie is part of the Dutch Bros’ covert menu, which has a lot of white chocolate. A vanilla breve with white chocolate syrup mixed in.

7. Dinosaur Egg Rebel

Even if the Dinosaur Egg Rebel doesn’t contain any actual ‘dino’ eggs—like dinosaur egg oatmeal, for example—it’s nevertheless quite Instagram-worthy. An elegant unicorn blood drizzle and blue raspberry syrup combine to create a Blue Rebel energy drink.

8. Cinnamon Bun Mocha

If you enjoy the regular Dutch Bros. Cinnamon Roll, you should definitely try the Cinnamon Bun Mocha, which is a natural enhancement. Yes, it tastes just like a cinnamon bun, as its name would imply. To balance it out, though, you also get hints of white chocolate and coffee.

9. Unicorn Blood

You could be dubious about the components of Unicorn Blood when you learn about them. However, bear with us—it tastes surprisingly good. A blend of white chocolate, almond, and strawberry flavorings makes up unicorn blood. Not your typical? Yes. But it’s worth it in the end.


10. Iced Tea Dutch Mojito

The intriguing combination of crème de menthe, coconut, and lime is found in the Dutch Mojito. It’s the best iced tea, and perfect for summer in the offerings of Dutch Bros menu.

11. White Coffee Cookie Breve

The White Chocolate Cookie Breve is the ideal combination of sweet flavors and coffee. Considering that this beverage contains flavors of chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate, white coffee, and cream, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that it tastes exactly like a cookie.

12. Chai Nog

The Chai Nog, a chai latte with a couple pumps of eggnog flavouring, is perfect for the holidays and it is one of best offering of Dutch Bros.

13. OG Gummy Bear Lemonade

Try something different by turning the traditional Gummy Bear from the Dutch Bros. menu into a lemonade if you already adore it. This refreshing iced beverage incorporates flavors of grapefruit, watermelon, passion-fruit, and pomegranate to enhance its taste beyond that of gummy bears. It’s also a playful spin on lemonade.

14. Dutch Canyon

The ingredients of the Dutch Bros Dutch Canyon include white chocolate, chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut, and caramel syrup.It is one of best canyon that Dutch Bros offers.

15. Golden Eagle Breve

For those who truly love coffee, the Golden Eagle Breve is a standout choice from Dutch Bros. It has flavors of vanilla, caramel, and espresso, and it tastes great hot or cold.

16. Snickerdoodle Breve

We advise choosing the Snickerdoodle Breve if you enjoy cookies but the White Coffee Cookie Breve isn’t to your taste. This espresso, flavoured with caramel, brown sugar, cinnamon, and half-and-half, is perfect for those who love cookie monsters.

17. Kings of Lion

There’s a kind of cult following for the Kings of Leon drink at Dutch Bros among all the fans of the secret menu, though we question if this is sanctioned by the band of the same name. It’s a double-blended Rebel energy drink with kiwi, orange, and lemon.

dutch bros king

18. B-52

That’s not a call-out for bingo, sorry. The Dutch Bros. beverage known as the B-52 blends the flavors of orange and Irish cream, two quite strange combinations. While the combination may seem unexpected, it is definitely delicious.

19. Irie

The Irie is akin to an iced beverage version of an island beach holiday. This drink, which is made with flavorings of banana and coconut, is perfect for summertime, but it’s also delicious in the winter when you want a taste of summer.

20. Double Rainbro Rebel

There are two rainbows! Actually, it’s a Double Rainbro Rebel in this instance, but the effect is just as thrilling. This version of the Rebel energy drink has strawberry, peach, and coconut flavors.

21. Iced Paris Tea

This is the perfect tea for you if you love sweet tea. Peach-infused Paris black tea tastes and feels like sweet tea enjoyed in the South during the summertime on a porch.No doubt why tea lovers are going crazy over it.


22. The Grasshopper

Do you adore your crème de menthe? Sample the Grasshopper, a mocha infused with dark and mint chocolate. Though it has the weird name but the best taste in the Dutch Bros drinks.

23. Molten Lava Frost

Since the Molten Lava Frost is a mocha with chocolate and cinnamon, it’s reasonable to compare it to a Starbucks frappuccino. Both are more or less same in taste but this Molten Lava Frost will make you drool, that is why it is offered in Dutch Bros secret menu.

24. Cotton Candy Frost

The Cotton Candy Frost can be your key to the ideal sugar high if you’re craving a sugar rush. The Cotton Candy Frost is a milkshake made with white chocolate and blue raspberry syrup. Furthermore, it tastes exactly like cotton candy.

dutch frost

25. Dutch Crunch

A sugary twist on a crunch cereal, Dutch Crunch has hazelnut and strawberry syrup. A combination that is always pleasant to imagine and taste, so why would Dutch Bros not include it?

26. Christmas Morning Chai

No, you can still enjoy this holiday drink even if it’s not Christmas morning or even December. It should be easy to order the Christmas Morning Chai as long as the ingredients are available in your neighborhood. Simply request a breve of white chocolate.

27. German Chocolate

We are drooling over this one… The German Chocolate tastes like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie in liquid form because to the combination of coconut, dark chocolate, and caramel.

28. Bubble Gum Frost

A milkshake with bubble gum? Include us! Although the Bubble Gum Frost has a bubble gum flavor, its authentic taste is actually a result of a blend of strawberry, vanilla, and banana syrups.

29. Nutty Irishman

The B-52 combines orange and Irish cream, but the Nutty Irishman pairs its Irish cream with a more traditional flavor—hazelnut. Which is a famous combo in Dutch Bros coffee menu.

30. French toast

The French toast drink from Dutch Bros. combines white chocolate, cinnamon, and brown sugar into a classic coffee foundation, akin to brunch in a drink.

31. Palm Beach Lamonade

Dutch Bros lemonades are seriously underappreciated! If you enjoy Tiger’s Blood and Original Gummy Bear Lemonades, you should definitely check out the Palm Beach. It has pomegranate and peach incorporated into a sweet, lemon-flavored beverage.

32. The Trifecta Freeze

The Trifecta Freeze is a fantastic choice if you prefer to stay with the traditional flavors. It is a blended coffee beverage that combines the finest flavors of caramel, dark chocolate, and white chocolate.

33. Cherry Blossom

Among the blended Rebel flavor options, The Cherry Blossom is distinguished by its combination of white chocolate and cherry. The fusion of both color ingredients is phenomenal and pleasing to the eyes and tongue.

34. The Bob Marley

You may wonder, what’s in a Bob Marley at Dutch Brothers. To put it simply, it’s ideal for people whose palates are tolerant to tropical flavors. The Bob Marley, sometimes referred to as The Bob has a rich chocolate base paired with flavors of coconut and banana.

35. Tiger’s Blood Lemonade

Tiger’s Blood Lemonade is another delicious lemonade that you should try at least once. It has flavors of coconut and strawberry and may be served chilled or blended.

36. Ninja Turtle

A drink called the Ninja Turtle at Dutch Bros. is basically a mocha with white chocolate and crème de menthe, not the cartoon TV show about crime-fighting tortoises.

red rebel

37. Glacier Peak Rebel

Any drink that has the word “glacier” in the name ought to be blue, right? To give the Rebel energy drink an extra, frosty kick, vanilla and blue raspberry syrups are added, and the Glacier Peak Rebel does not let you down.

38. Flap Jack

The Flap Jack, ah. With flavorings of salted caramel, vanilla, and white chocolate, this drink is reminiscent of the morning dish it is named after.

39. Fleck

With a combination of white chocolate, hazelnuts, and coconut, The Fleck goes all out for nuts.

40. Horchata Chai

If horchata—a concoction of cinnamon, caramel, and white chocolate—sounds like your idea of a good time, you’ll adore the upgraded horchata chai. With all the syrups listed above, this beverage only takes Oregon chai into consideration.

41. Shark Attack Rebel

Though there are a tonne of creative ways to customize a Rebel energy drink from Dutch Bros., this has to be our favorite: Along with pomegranate, coconut, lime, and blue raspberry, there’s also a marshmallow topping called Soft Top.

Tropical green tea

42. Coral Reef

The Coral Reef is the place to go for a milkshake on the beach. This milkshake combines orange and vanilla flavors, enhanced with a gorgeous blue raspberry sauce for a fruity burst.

43. Islander Breve

It’s easy to imagine yourself sitting in a beach chair on an island and listening to the waves crash as you sip an Islander Breve while closing your eyes. Ultimately, macadamia nut, coconut, chocolate, and vanilla are all combined in this drink. Delicious!

44. Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is a method to add a sugar topping to any order rather than a drink in and of itself. If you tell your Dutch Bros barista these words, they’ll give you the coffee drink of your choosing along with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel-dark chocolate.

45. Sweet Sunrise Tea

For an additional tropical touch, the Sweet Sunrise Iced Paris Tea incorporates syrups of banana, orange, peach, and passion fruit

Do Dutch Bros offer Secret Menu Options?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers a variety of secret menu options. You might think you have plenty of chances to choose something you’ll enjoy with all of these possibilities from Picture Perfect to Flap Jack.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things we love about Dutch bros secret menu is that they allow you to customize the drinks to your own needs and let you add your own flavors. Keep in mind that not all the Dutch bros locations allow you to create a secret menu because some of the drinks are not available at that time in certain locations.