Dutch Bros Customization Tips & Tricks

You might be wondering that dutch bros is all about selecting there drinks from menu and order it. Well that is not the case most the people don’t know that they can even customize their drinks as they want and make there perfect drink. I will break down all the customization hacks one by one.

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Flavors Combination

You can simply add as many flavors as you want by just telling your barista to add different combination of flavors in your drink. You have heard the term dutch bros has secret menu which is like special menu and have secret ingredients. Well its actually a combination of different flavors to make one secret drink. For example there is drink in a secret menu called Aftershock Rebel which is mostly the combination of different flavors like strawberry, blackberry, raspberry & lime. You can add or remove any flavor you want according to your taste.

Sweetness Options

At dutch bros you can even customize your sweetness level by Just telling them that want it with sugar or sugar free. Well they give you different options for sweetness in your drinks like, Quarter sweet, Half sweet or Extra sweet. Try whatever sweetness of level you want in your drinks.  

Dairy & Non Dairy

Weather you want dairy or non dairy milk dutch bros got you covered. If you don’t like dairy milk or have some allergies because of dairy milk, they give you options of coconut milk, oat milk and even almond milk.

Customize Topping

Who doesn’t love a nice topping on there drinks right? Well dutch bros give you all different kind of topping options like Soft Top which is dutch bros signature topping give you a sweet and fluffy taste. They allow you to drizzle your favourite flavor or even sprinkle cinnamon on your drink top. Beside that can also add whip cream on top of your favourite drink.

Different Coffee Options

Let me tell you dutch bros has the plate for everyone when it comes to coffee that’s we love to buy from them. They give there customer so much options to choose according to there needs. They give you the option of decaf if you don’t like caffeine in your coffee you can simply order non caffeinated coffee from there menu.
If you don’t like the tradional coffee they have an option of white coffee which quite strong and have low accidity level and lighter then there tradional coffee.

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