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Founded in 1992 by brothers Travis and Dane Boersma, Dutch Bros Coffee became a phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest after they turned their espresso cart into a successful coffee company. With a reputation for having a lively workplace culture and a strong sense of community, Dutch Bros is a coffee lover’s paradise, offering a special fusion of high-quality drinks and contagious energy. With more than 400 outlets nationwide, the business has developed a devoted clientele by encouraging a bond that goes beyond coffee and honoring life’s special occasions with an unmatched fusion of caffeine and friendship. Come explore the stimulating adventure that characterized Dutch Bros’ incredible ascent to prominence in the coffee industry and Dutch Bros career options.

dutch bros career

Dutch Bros Coffee’s distinct culture

The fundamental principles that underpin Dutch Bros Coffee’s distinct culture. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional service and places great value on the quality of its drinks, making sure that every cup meets the highest expectations. In order to guarantee that clients receive effective and timely service, speed is accepted as a crucial element. Beyond transactions, service excellence emphasizes sincere, pleasant interactions with clients and cultivates deep connections. A guiding concept that preserves consistency and protects the reputation of the brand is discipline. Above all, Dutch Bros exudes happiness, bringing a sense of excitement to every interaction and establishing a warm atmosphere that has an influence that goes beyond coffee, connecting with local communities and producing unforgettable moments.

Dutch Bro’s Jobs

Dutch Bros Coffee generally follows a leadership pathway that includes many crucial milestones, however, specifics may differ:

  1. Broista: New team members usually begin as Broistas, who are in charge of creating and serving drinks, making sure they are of a high caliber, and interacting with patrons. This essential position offers practical experience and consumer engagement.
  2. Shift Leader: Broistas may progress to the position of Shift Leader as they acquire more expertise. In this role, people are responsible for extra duties like managing teams, supervising shifts, and managing operational activities.
  3. Assistant Manager: As one advances, one may assume the position of Assistant Manager. More leadership duties, such as team management, inventory control, and assisting in the performance of the shop as a whole, are part of this role.
  4. MIT’s Manager in Training programme is open to individuals who have a high level of leadership potential. Through an extensive curriculum that covers many facets of leadership and operations, this intensive training programme gets people ready for store management.
  5. General Manager: The position of General Manager can be attained through successful completion of the MIT programme. General managers are in charge of managing employees, supervising daily operations, and guaranteeing that Dutch Bros. ideals are upheld in the store as a whole.
  6. Regional Manager and Up: Outstanding managers may be able to progress to more regional or upper-level managerial roles, where they support the expansion and prosperity of several stores in a region or contribute to the overall corporate plan.

This path represents the normal development inside the organization, giving staff members chances to develop and progress according to their abilities, output, and dedication to Dutch Bros’

Internship opportunities at Dutch Bro’s

Dutch Bros wishes to assist you in building a prosperous future. Our goal is to give each intern the chance to develop both personally and professionally via hands-on job experience, all the while fostering priceless relationships and connections within our HQ teams. Together, the summer is jam-packed with educational opportunities, cultural experiences, one-on-one time encounters with our CEO Joth Ricci and ship captain Trav Boersma, career development seminars, paid volunteer work, and much more! This is what Dutch Bros career is all about.

Broista Opportunities

Education benefit Program: You become eligible for up to $5250 dollars per year towards your educational journey, after one year of full employment at Dutch Bro’s.

Employee Discount: You will receive a discount on year drinks and online shop

Paid Volunteer Hours: You can use the sixteen hours of compensated volunteer time that you will get to give back to your community.

Dutch bros hiring process

To apply for jobs at Dutch Bros and build a career at Dutch Bros, you go through the following steps:

Step 1: Apply Online: Fill out an online application at the Dutch Bros website or apply in person at a nearby store.

  • Review of Resumes: The hiring staff evaluates resumes to determine experience and credentials.
  • Interview: Interviews are typically extended invitations to qualified applicants. Depending on the location, this could be a group interview or a one-on-one interview.
  • Skills Evaluation: To determine your suitability for a position, a skills evaluation may be required for some jobs, particularly those in customer service.
  • Background Check: During the hiring process, a background check could be performed.
  • Training phase: New hires frequently have a training phase during which they learn about the culture, values, and particular duties of Dutch Bros.

How much Dutch bros pay?

The typical annual compensation at Dutch Bros Coffee is between $55,733 for Human Resources Administrators to $145,799 for Franchise Managers. The average hourly wage at Dutch Bros Coffee is between $12.34 and $29.47 for dining room servers and leasing agents, respectively.

Why to join Dutch Bro’s

Drive-thru coffee shop Dutch Bros Coffee is committed to changing the world, one cup at a time. With its headquarters in Grants Pass, Oregon, and more than 700 locations throughout 14 states, it was started in 1992 by Dane and Travis Boersma. Specialty coffee, smoothies, freezes, teas, and a unique energy drink called Dutch Bros Blue Rebel are all available at Dutch Bros, along with nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee. Its exclusive mix of creamy, custom-crafted coffee is made by hand.

Dutch Bros is dedicated to giving back to the communities it serves in addition to fulfilling its three core values of quality, speed, and service. Every year, the company distributes several million dollars to charitable causes around the nation through its Dutch Bros Foundation and local franchisees. It offers splendid job opportunities to people and offers them different incentives and benefits. Dutch Bros Career and job options are limitless.

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