19 Dutch Bros Rebel Menu Worth Trying

A well-known coffee chain called Dutch Bros Coffee is renowned for its vast menu that offers something for every palate. The Dutch bros rebel menu, which formerly offered a variety of energy drink options, is one of their menu items worth mentioning.

These rebel energy drinks were created with a combination of flavours and caffeine with the intention of offering consumers a lively and energizing beverage option. The key ingredients in Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink are carbonated water and sugar.

This Dutch bros rebel menu was developed by Dutch Bros and can be customized by an Individual. Sucrose is used in place of sugar in sugar-free options. The beverages do contain beneficial additives such vitamins B6 and B12. Dutch bros Rebel consists of variety of options listed below.

Dutch Bros Rebel Secret Menu

The menu at Dutch Bros Coffee is evidence of their commitment to variety, originality, and outstanding flavour. Dutch Bros offers a variety of drinks to suit everyone’s tastes, from robust and flavourful coffees to cool and energizing Rebel drinks.

Here is the list of top Dutch bros rebel menu which some of the customers call them Dutch bros rebel secret menu but keep that in mind that the Dutch bros didn’t claim that name. Choose your favourite drink from Dutch bros rebel menu and comment down below.

dutch bros rebel menu

Electric Berry

Your taste buds will be shocked by the delicious raspberry and lime syrup combination in The Electric Berry. You can compare it to the electric slide in your mouth with a cool twist that will make you feel like a million dollars.Just be aware that it is sweeter than most, but sometimes that’s just what you desire.

Peach Pom Passion Mango Blended Rebel

This one tastes like a cup of bliss. With a tropical kick of Peaches, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, and Mango syrups, it’s blended with the oh-so-delicious Rebel energy drink base. Simply name it Peach, Pom, Passion & Mango for short if it sounds like too much of a mouthful. Every taste of this beverage will take you to a tropical paradise. It is more like an adult slushy because we want it frozen. It’s the ideal remedy for cooling off, and if it’s twice blended, it will be buttery smooth.

Double Rainbro

If you need a little boost in the morning, the Double Rainbro is exactly what you need.This one delivers a punch with a delectable blend of fruity flavors, including strawberry syrup, peach, and coconut. It’s really sweet, just how we like it, and it’s like a fruit smoothie on steroids. A large Double Rainbro contains 64 grams of sugar, so be aware of that!

double rainbro


If you are ready to try something extraordinary, pucker up. With its flawless fusion of tart strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and lime notes, Aftershock packs a powerful punch. It’s like a flavour explosion in your mouth and will undoubtedly be different from the other Blue Rebel choices. Ideal for people who enjoy a bit tang in their beverages. Bet you will get a shock as the name suggest.

Unicorns’ Blood

The energy drink “Unicorn’s Blood” is like a cup of pure enchantment in a sip! A wonderful concoction of strawberries, almonds, and white chocolate is used to make this delightful beverage. It has the ideal balance of sweetness and cooling. If you’ve never had a Dutch Bros Rebel, this is a must-try. Your taste buds will be delighted in ways you never imagined. It is going to give your taste buds a new thrill.


Without a doubt, The Peach Sensation is one of Dutch Bros Rebel’s best products! Whether you like peaches or not, you’ll love this drink. It’s the ideal fusion of a fiery Blue Rebel energy drink and a sweet, subtle peach flavour. In your mouth, it’s like a flavour explosion. One should experience this amazing pleasure.

rabel peach

Sweet Sunrise

With mouth watering peach, a tinge of banana, a flash of orange, and a swirl of passion fruit flavour, the Sweet Sunrise flavour is a distinctive Rebel beverage. You should benefit from this wonderful beverage. I suggest attempting it “avalanche style,” which has a dollop of vanilla ice cream added by your barista.

Shark Attack

The Shark Attack is yet another excellent Dutch Bros Rebel beverage. Don’t let the name frighten you off; Shark Attack is a wonderfully cool beverage that will make you squeal with delight. With a flawless combination of blue raspberry, coconut, lime, and a pomegranate drizzle, stacked artfully, this bad boy packs a punch. Sugar content for a large one is 113 grams.

OG Gummy Bear

A delicious blend of watermelon, pomegranate, grapefruit, and passion fruit flavors make up The OG Gummy Bear Rebel.The original “Gummy Bear” flavour is distinct from the standard flavour; believe me, it’s a game-changer. On your next Dutch Bros run, this is the ideal energy drink to satisfy your thirst.

Midnight Rebel

Check out the Midnight Rebel if you’re prepared to take on the night with a delectable boost of energy.It is the ideal beverage to get you through an all-night study session or to get you ready for an overnight shift. This beverage, which is made with a divine concoction of blackberry and pomegranate, will give you the push you need to take on the day or the night.

Laser Cat

One of Dutch Bros’ more straightforward flavors is Laser Cat, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.The flavors of raspberry and coconut in this one go beautifully together.It’s simple to drink and suitable for beginners.


One of the best Dutch Bros Rebel flavors is unquestionably this one. It’s a Rebel drinker favourite, and it makes sense why!With flavors of banana, strawberry, orange, and peach, this energy drink is potent.With every sip, you get a taste of the goodness of fresh fruit, it’s like a flavour vacation in a cup.

The Vampire Slayer

A cocktail called The Vampire Slayer will drive a stake through your heart with its mouthwatering strawberry and pomegranate flavour combination.It’s wonderful for night owls and great for working through the night. With more than 560 calories and 63 grams of sugar, this bad guy packs a powerful punch in the calorie and sugar department.So go ahead and bite into it, but do so moderately unless you want to become a sugary vampire

Ray of Sunshine

The Ray of Sunshine is a pleasantly cool beverage with the ideal ratio of peach, blackberry, and grapefruit syrups. If you like a little tang in your drink, this is for you because it’s a touch more on the sour side than the Rebel line’s typically sweet flavors.

Palm Beach

This beverage is known as the “Tropical Experience” because it is a flavor-filled vacation in a cup. As the name implies, it offers a tropical sensation and has a delicious pomegranate and peach flavor combination. Whether blended or served iced, it is a delicious and cooling way to beat the heat.

Daydream Rebel with Soft Top

Although this Rebel drink’s soft top (Dutch Bros’ take on cold foam) gives it a slight cream soda flavor, the combination of elderflower and passion fruit tastes more like sour patch kids. It is undoubtedly acidic, but the creamy, sweet soft top balances the sourness and adds a sweet touch. In my opinion, it’s like a successful marriage in a cup.


Try the popular Astronaut if you’re prepared for takeoff. A culinary journey to the stars! Launch with the flavors of blackberry, raspberry, and almond. This delectable treat will provide you with the necessary energy.

Stop Light

Kiwi, passion fruit, and pom are all combined in the delectable Stop Light combination. With the blending of these well-known flavors, it’s ideal for those who have never tried Rebel. I suggest giving this one a shot.

High Dive

One of Dutch Bros’ premium energy drinks, The High Dive Rebel, is infused with their Tropical Fruit combination, which includes passion fruit, guava, orange, and pineapple.

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros rebel menu fans adore the different cocktails they make and how friendly the staff is. It’s similar to an addiction. You cannot stop once you start. Not to mention that the staff is friendly and treats you like family, and their coffee is excellent. The fact that Dutch Bros. Coffee is a drive-through-only chain of coffee shops makes it unique.

The menu’s distinctiveness stems from both its wide variety and the brand’s dedication to excellence. Customers consistently have a wonderful experience thanks to Dutch Bros Coffee’s concentration on using excellent ingredients and carefully constructing each drink.

The menu at Dutch Bros Coffee is still a canvas of flavors that keep customers interested and involved as the company grows and changes. Customers can taste the brand’s dedication to excellence with every sip and benefit from Dutch Bros’ ongoing efforts to offer a menu that speaks to their values.

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