Dutch Bros Straw Code (Explained)

Dutch bros is a coffee chain and has been making great drive-thru coffee for decades now and are loved by customers across the US. They are growing day by day with there great customer service is being highlighted.

According to the Dutch bros fans there is a controversy about the colour of their straws . The controversy known as ” Dutch bros straw code ” is going viral through out the internet. Many of the customers are curious about Dutch bros straws weather its real or not ? Left a huge mystery behind it.

Till now nobody knows when was the Dutch bros straw code system invented, but yet it get hyped on the social media and coffee forums and people who keeps buying coffee from them. So lets break that myth what are straw code means.

Dutch Bros Straw Code Meaning

Dutch bros straw code means that while serving the coffee to there customers on drive thru there barista secretly analyse your behaviour by doing small conversation with you to know your personality and mood as we all know that there customer service is too good so base on the conversation with you the barista assigned you a specific colour of straw.

So the straw system is quite simple they will assign you different colours like yellow, orange, green, pink which will represent your personality.

Dutch Bros Straw Code Green

This is one of the less desired straw colors available, thanks to this color code. According to the controversy if you get green straw with your drink it means your barista thinks that you are not appealing to him your appearance is ugly .

Dutch Bros Straw Code Blue

Since the employees of Dutch bros are known for their good behaviour and friendly personalities with their customers the employees can not directly says to the customer that they are rude instead they use Subtle methods to comment on their rude behaviour by giving them a blue straw with their drink which implies that the barista thinks the customer is rude .

Dutch Bros Straw Code Orange

If you get an orange coloured straw with your drink it means that the person who made your drink thinks that you have an interesting personality since this colour of the straw signifies that your personality is mysterious, strange, unusual, or just plain weird.

Dutch Bros Straw Code Yellow

Yellow is known as the happy colour but if you get this colour with your drink it means that the person blending your drink thinks that you look average but hey at least its batter than having served a blue straw . Being average is batter than being rude

Dutch Bros Straw Code Pink

Apparently this is the colour of straw which makes people want to visit Dutch bros because it implies that the barista thinks you are handsome , gorgeous, pretty or good looking It’s the employees way of telling you that they think you are beautiful .

Is the Dutch Bros Straw Code Real ?

Now coming to the question is the ” straw code” real or a myth ? Well there is a group of people claiming that the code is real while the other bunch of people pointing out the controversy is fake . There is an internet debate going around for some time now weather the straw code is real or not .

There are a lot of people on the internet sharing their stories of the straw code because of that it get hyped on social media platforms and keeping posting videos about straw code. Some of the customers received pink , showing it off on the internet complimenting their looks while some received blue point out their rude behaviour.

Well there is very mixed opinion on the social media platforms. Some of them believe its real and mostly keep saying that is a myth. But till now we know that its getting viral and customers are very curious weather they do that or not.

Final Thought

As my personal view on that I don’t think that its real because there is no such thing that the barista well judge too quick in just few minutes and assign you some special color straw. They are not experts to analayze there customers personality and making decision that quick to give you a specific straw.

In my opinion that is just the hyped made on a social media to spice things up because Dutch bros franchise are too busy and they don’t have such time to do these activities. In an interview with barista I asked her about straw codes but she completely denies that they don’t do such kind of things. They just give random straws to there customers and nobody even notice that.

No doubt that the Dutch bros coffee is much better in taste and people are loving to buy from them weather the duct bros straw code is real or not remains a mystery but they provide best customer service experiences which really matters now.

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